US-Taiwan Mesra, cooperation to maintain supply chain.

Taiwan and the United States held their first economic dialogue since Joe Biden took office. This time, one of the discussions between the two countries is related to industry Chip.

To start Nikki Asia Review, Friday (5/2/2021), more than 100 participants, including representatives from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (DSMC), Qualcomm and Corning.

“DSMC gave a presentation on investing in Arizona,” Taiwan’s Economy Minister Wang Mee-hua told reporters.

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According to him, Taiwan and the United States are interdependent sectors Chip. Because, Taiwan buys a lot of equipment and supplies from the United States; During the industry Chip Taiwan supplies to many US companies.

“All parties agree that the industry needs to work more together to deepen cooperation in the future,” Wang added.

The discussions come a week after the Taiwanese government confirmed the order Chip Cars from the United States, Germany and Japan to reduce shortages Chip Car.

To solve this problem, Taiwan sought the help of DSMC, United Micro Electronics, Vanguard International Semiconductor and Powership Semiconductor Product.

US-Taiwan relations have heated up under the administration of Donald Trump; In the midst of an intense trade war between Washington and Beijing.

Taiwan has become Washington’s best ally in blocking Chinese technological innovations. On the other hand, China is still Taiwan’s largest trading partner.

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