By bike and boat from South to North America

By bike and boat from South to North America

Adventurer and writer Marica van der Meir tells of her journey by bicycle from South to North America in the Skyrsteins in Feinwalton. He will do so from 7.30pm on Friday 12 November. He also shows beautiful pictures with his story.

What will you do when you reach the age of fifty? Adventurer and writer Marica van der Meir decided to cycle home ‘the other way’ from her birthday party. The world is round and if you cycle for a long time in the wrong direction, you will come back home. All she needed was five bags on the bike.

Crossing the sea with a cargo ship

In Antwerp she carries a cargo ship to Montevideo, Uruguay. On the bike it goes to the Bolivian plateau in the Andes Mountains, where he spends a few weeks with Cebu from El Salvador. It creates hilarious cultural differences.

Hitchhiking with sailing boats

In Guyana, the rainy season is intermittent and the only main road in the country is a real mudslide. From Paramaribo in Suriname she goes hitchhiking with sailing boats across the Caribbean. Almost every island is a different country, and traveling legally from island to island is not so easy.

Poverty in Cuba

In Cuba he faces the poverty caused by the US trade boycott. She hears for the first time about a virus in China, where the massive state of Texas is never over. How does this end?

Long distance

Marika cycled from Dior del Fuego, the southern tip of South America, before Alaska. And from the Netherlands to Australia via the Old Silk Road. Marika takes you to the back of her bike and shows the world with her eyes.

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World traveler from Worcester writes books about his adventures around the world by bicycle. The book Duvalspur was published on November 1, 2020. Besides being an adventurer and writer, he is also a professional photographer. So the lecture is with beautiful photo and film material. See also:, or: Marmee Travel – Marmee Travel

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