“Business relations under pressure” – Wel.nl

“Business relations under pressure” – Wel.nl

Schiphol must shrink and the US does not agree to that, according to a letter from the US Department of Transportation to the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Obtained by De Telegraaf. The Americans threaten that cooperation between the Dutch and American airlines may fail.

Fewer planes may leave Schiphol Airport from next spring. If US carriers lose places, KLM will also lose ground in the US. “This means that if the minister insists, KLM will not only have to cancel a number of flights, but also not be able to choose any of them, because countries like the United States, Canada, China and Brazil restrict KLM’s access to their restricted airports.” KLM’s Best Woman Marjan Rentell in the paper.

The Americans wrote in the letter: “We ask the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to postpone the first phase of the test base as soon as possible.” And to the Senate and House of Representatives: “We also demand that the first stage of deflation and the experimental rule be declared controversial.” The Hague was also warned that cooperation between the US and Dutch partners could not be guaranteed, De Telegraaf writes.

The Dutch aviation sector fears that the commercial relationship between the Netherlands and the United States will be damaged in this way. “We have already mentioned in The Hague that several countries, the United States being one of them, are expected to take strict measures,” says chief foreman Marnix Frutema of the global aviation organization Barin.

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It’s very simple: if Schiphol buys slots from foreign airlines, KLM will also lose out on slots in other countries. “If you continue to work, you perform surgeries with your eyes closed. It threatens your life.”

Bron (Nin): The telegraph

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