Bordeaux forest fires under control after two weeks and people go home |  Currently

Bordeaux forest fires under control after two weeks and people go home | Currently

The local government said Monday that large forest fires on the southwest coast of France are under control. Saturday it turned out that the fire on the beach of Dion de Pilate faint used to be. Now this is also the case with the forest fire in Landeras. This puts an end to the major wildfires south of Bordeaux after nearly two weeks.

All people who had to leave their homes because of the fire can return. The fire brigade in the affected Gironde County are talking of an “exceptional crisis” that has now been resolved.

Because the fires broke out almost simultaneously, it was difficult to put out the fire. About 3,000 firefighters were deployed simultaneously to put out the flames. About 21,000 hectares of forest have been burned in the area. Nearly 37,000 people were evacuated.

Several wildfires have broken out in France in recent weeks due to the persistent dry heat. Many other parts of Europe are currently suffering from fires and heat, especially around the Mediterranean.

In Spain, large fires are burning on the island of Tenerife and around the capital, Madrid. Most of it is largely under control. In the first seven months of this year, fires destroyed about 2,000 square kilometers of forests in Spain.

In Greece, Slovenia, Italy and the Czech Republic, firefighters are having great difficulty putting out work due to the constant heat and drought. The fires were ignited by strong winds.

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