The Ministry regrets the video of director Ashyana and describes her statements as premature

The Ministry regrets the video of director Ashyana and describes her statements as premature

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Housing (SOZAVO) deeply regrets the publication of a video from the Huize Ashiana administration on the situation of the retirement home. This is at a time when the ministry has been working with the house’s board of directors to find a solution. The result was that on Tuesday, September 14, around 3pm, food from the government was delivered to the nursing home, while the damage was already done by video.

The Ministry of Suzavo recognizes the situation in which the reception institutions of our country are also bearing the burden of the current situation and that the elderly are more vulnerable, as a result of which greater vigilance must be taken to meet their needs. This is based in part on the Reception Institutions Act (SB 2014. No. 7) and the State Decree on the Institution of Standards for Reception Institutions (SB 2017. No. 8).

Also referred to is Huize Ashiana’s Articles of Association, which clearly states the assignment of specific and operational responsibilities to the Board of Directors and Management. These responsibilities relate to the smooth day-to-day operations of Huize Ashiana.

From the annual government budget, Huize Ashiana is eligible for a subsidy, with which the receiving institution must be managed in a responsible manner. The administrative processes for applying for and obtaining this support are well known to the Huize Ashiana administration. The last submission of an application for support for the second half of 2021 should take place from May to June 2021. Unfortunately, this application was submitted more than two months after the deadline.

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Administrative and legal rules must be observed with each support request and its processing. Deviation from this procedure may have an effect on the award or denial of this scholarship application. To prevent this, it is important that these processes are taken into account in Huize Ashiana’s business operations. If these pre-agreed rules and procedures are observed, the house can dispose of the support funds in a timely manner.

Therefore, the Ministry regrets that this video gives the impression that there is little or no effort on the part of the government for the elderly at home. By making the film public, the government is being put in an unnecessarily bad light. The government will do everything in its power to ensure the livelihood and well-being of the elderly. Suzavo is proud of all who have faithfully committed to the contribution made so far to Huize Ashiana.

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