Wild monkeys terrorize a Japanese city and the police take action

Wild monkeys terrorize a Japanese city and the police take action

The attacks have been going on since the beginning of this month. “In the beginning, only children and women were abused,” says a municipal official. Against the British broadcaster BBC. “But recently old men and adults have also been targeted.” Police do not yet know whether the attacks were the work of one monkey or several.

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Victims’ injuries varied: people were bitten in the legs, arms, neck and stomach. Residents say the monkeys enter their homes through sliding doors or open windows. Among the wounded are children and elderly people.

Police set traps in an attempt to catch the monkeys, but those efforts have so far been unsuccessful. And posting police patrols to certain neighborhoods doesn’t deter animals either.

The monkey suspected of aggressive attacks are the so-called Japanese macaques. Although these monkeys are common in many parts of the country, these types of accidents are uncommon.

serious struggles

The Japanese macaque was initially a vulnerable species, but has recently increased in number. This has consequences. According to research from Yamagata University. The recovery of the monkeys “is causing serious conflict between humans and macaques”. Changes in human behavior are seen as one possible cause.

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