Body parts found where a private plane crashed into the Baltic Sea

Body parts found where a private plane crashed into the Baltic Sea

The plane left on Sunday evening from Spain to Cologne. The plane never landed there, but flew twice over Paris and Cologne, before flying in a straight line towards the Baltic Sea.

Empowering NATO fighters

As no one on board responded to multiple calls from various air traffic controllers, the NATO warplanes were alerted. To their horror, they saw no one in the cockpit. The plane eventually crashed off the coast of Latvia.

A large search was launched there, which was later turned into a rescue operation. So previously parts of the plane were found, and now the body parts have also been removed from the sea. The remains have been handed over to the Latvian police for further investigation.

It was previously confirmed that Karl Peter Griesemann, the German owner of the charter airline Kwik Air, was on the plane with three others. But there is still no answer to the question of how the plane crashed.

Possible lack of oxygen

According to preliminary investigations, the pilot may have lost consciousness during the flight. Aviation expert Joris Melkert from Delft University For RTL Nieuws yesterday That the lack of oxygen could be a possible cause of the collapse.

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