Document about another country's nuclear energy found in Donald Trump's house |  Currently

Document about another country’s nuclear energy found in Donald Trump’s house | Currently

During a search of the home of former US President Donald Trump last month, FBI agents found a document describing another country’s nuclear power. that reports Washington Post Wednesday, according to anonymous sources. It is not clear which country this is exactly.

According to the newspaper, the document details the military capabilities of another government. Nuclear power is also described. The country concerned has not been reported. So it is unclear whether it is an ally of the United States or a hostile country.

It is one of more than 11,000 government documents found at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Florida resort in early August. The documents were in boxes in a storage room as well as in the personal office of the former president. Empty folders labeled “Classified” were also found.

Some seized pieces are described according to Washington Post Top secret US operations. They are so heavily guarded that only a handful of people are aware of the content. Only the president, some cabinet member, or any official close to the cabinet can give other government employees access to this information.

According to the news agency, representatives of Trump and the US Department of Justice were Reuters Not available for comment.

Trump calls it a ‘political witch hunt’

On Monday, a judge granted Trump’s request to appoint an independent arbitrator.special master) to assign. He must evaluate the materials taken during the research. The appointed Special Master is allowed to review personal items, documents, and other materials.

The judge’s decision does not prevent US intelligence agencies from conducting further investigations into Trump’s handling of the classified documents. Trump accuses the Justice Department of launching a political manhunt against him.

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