Blow-by-blow for Eva in Over My Corpse: 'The MRI of your head wasn't good' |  RTL Street

Blow-by-blow for Eva in Over My Corpse: 'The MRI of your head wasn't good' | RTL Street

During a phone conversation with her doctor, her joy immediately turns to sadness. She is clearly trying to hold back her tears as the doctor tells her the bad news. “The MRI of your head didn't go well,” the voice on the other end of the line says. Despite new medications, the cancer continues to grow. Doctors see only one option: start the dreaded chemotherapy.

Doctors predict that things will only go downhill. “What I'm most afraid of is that I won't have hair in two weeks,” Eva tells Tim Hoffman. That's why she's already made an appointment at the hairdresser. “So I have a choice. Am I going to be bald today, with a hat or with hair?”

“They expect that if the chemotherapy is successful, I will still have another year,” she continues. “In the best case scenario, this is still a relatively long time. I don't have a lot of confidence in chemotherapy,” she continues emotionally. “Then things move very quickly,” says her husband, Mathis. “Then we talk months.” “I'll make it to Christmas,” Eva adds. Fortunately, she can still laugh at her “bald head,” which she created using a Snapchat filter.

The three walk through the forest in search of “the place of her memories.” How do you want people to remember her? “Smiling and cheerful face,” Eva answers. “She’s also a bit stubborn.” Tim asks Matthias the same question. “Such a sweet and cheerful girl who has so much positive energy. Who can light up a room with her smile.”

On My Body It can be watched every Tuesday from 9:30 pm on BNNVARA on NPO1.

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