Biden vs Trump again.  Is this what America has to offer?  |  This is the editor's opinion

Biden vs Trump again. Is this what America has to offer? | This is the editor's opinion

The least US President Joe Biden should have done was ensure a good successor. He left it. with all possible consequences.

The election battle in America is clearly between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The current Democratic president and his Republican rival contested the presidency of the world's most powerful country four years ago. Biden won, becoming his nation's oldest president.

That means he has four years to prepare a good successor. The party has about 45 million members (15 million more than the Republican Party). Surely they must have a suitable successor?

There is no question. Biden is rolling through primaries without a fight. Complaints about his age come softly and only in hindsight. The Democratic Party plays a greater role in this way. This gives Trump an easy argument to fire.

The fact that Trump is of respectable age does not change this. He has the ability to remove all confusion, mistakes and misinformation. No matter how many objections he raised, he could do no wrong among the electorate.

If elected, Biden will be 85 when his second term ends. This old age plays tricks on him. Of all Americans, 85 percent are under the age of 65. They have to embrace someone whose longevity is questionable.

Is it best to deliver the promised land once? A fight between two senior politicians? What happened four years ago? Who gains energy from it?

As noted, Trump can do little wrong among his supporters. Biden is having a hard time generating excitement. This means that Democratic supporters at home will remain apathetic during the November elections and Trump will be able to rally his supporters.

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A second term for Trump would be bad news for the entire world. He has made himself known as someone who does not take democratic norms and values ​​seriously and enjoys the disorder and chaos he creates. Joe Biden knows this better than anyone. But he lets it happen.

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