Sustainable milestone for AkzoNobel in Latin America •

Sustainable milestone for AkzoNobel in Latin America •

All AkzoNobel production sites in Latin America now run on 100 percent renewable electricity, the paint company said. This further reinforces the company's ambition to reduce carbon dioxide emissions across its entire value chain by 50 percent by 2030.

Inauguration of Solar Energy Project at Decorative Paints Factory in Recife

Renewable electricity is energy that is continuously replenished from natural sources: energy from wind, hydroelectricity, sun, soil, external heat and biomass.

The transition to 100 percent renewable electricity in Latin America included the installation of 1,580 panels at a decorative paints factory in Recife (Brazil), which provides more than 30 percent of energy needs – and 4,640 panels at a paint and coating plant in Rionegro, Colombia, which provides 24 percent of the site's energy.

Previously, all AkzoNobel production sites in North America (early 2023) and Europe (early 2022) were able to run on 100 DC electricity.

By the end of 2023, 82 manufacturing locations around the world will use 100 percent renewable electricity, and 31 locations will have installed solar panels as an additional energy source. Continue shopping Axonobel Lots of renewable electricity.

4,640 solar panels near the Rionegro paint and coating factory in Colombia

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