Update: Tim is walking 5,000 kilometers across America for his daughter with Usher syndrome

Update: Tim is walking 5,000 kilometers across America for his daughter with Usher syndrome

Photo: Tim Schroeder

The first week is over for Tim Schroeder and his loyal cyclist Richard Hubert. They ride a total of 5,000 km across the US on what is known as the Southern Tier Cycle Route from San Diego to Jacksonville. The purpose of this monster parade: to raise money for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

Tim's 7-year-old daughter Elena has this rare genetic condition, which leads to hearing loss and blindness. Research requires a lot of money, and Tim and Richard are going for it this month.

The sporty duo left for America last week and are now on their seventh leg. After 6 days of cycling and lots of 'tire fitting', yesterday they arrived in Tucson, about 650 kilometers from their starting point in San Diego. After today they are 1/6 of the way done. Six days of suffering and joy.Tim in the first week: 'An amazing bike ride so far with highs and lows (literally and figuratively). Interaction with locals has also been very positive so far. Most people admire what we do with genuine passion. It's great and gives us a positive boost.'

Tim and Richard enjoy beautiful surroundings and warm weather, although the latter sometimes makes travel difficult. “And that is struggle, suffering and agony on the bike every day. It takes a lot out of the body and I have a long list of aches and pains. Recovery is difficult because the body doesn't really have time. I do this just for fun? Never! Because I would have to lose Elena for 7 weeks. I'm doing this to raise money for the Usher Syndrome Foundation. So the goal should be to raise as much money as possible for the foundation.

By the way, the donation campaign is going well as planned. The goal is to raise €50,000. Twenty thousand are now in sight. But it also means a lot more money needs to be raised to reach the ultimate goal. The media in America is trusted, which often gives a broad platform to these types of activities. But Dutch donors are also in great demand.Tim and Richard's bike ride is four weeks away. We provide a weekly update on the status of the bike ride and the campaign for the Usher Syndrome Foundation.

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You can donate via the link Fight against deafness.

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