Benny Sings Bløf: Zutelande's beach house is now in Santa Barbara |  Zeeland News

Benny Sings Bløf: Zutelande’s beach house is now in Santa Barbara | Zeeland News

Amsterdam – Singer and producer Benny Singh is winning the world over from his studio in Amsterdam. Now he has introduced two of Blopin’s songs to the United States in English.

They have almost as many followers on Spotify. Every month 1,195,458 people listen to Bløf and 1,167,575 people listen to Penny sing. It is the stage name of Amsterdam singer and producer Tim von Bergestig. Bløf is well known in the Netherlands and he is out of the Netherlands. songs Santa Barbara And Ride like the wind There are arrangements in his new EP Judelande And Dancing in the sea† ,, I could have chosen more from Bløf.

He really has nothing to do with Dutch pop music. And no covers. Zutelande is an exception. “I was a huge fan of it all summer. When we were in the car with the whole family, we always played that song.

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