Beau Wilkes is finally HPV-free after three years of abnormal smear tests

Beau Wilkes is finally HPV-free after three years of abnormal smear tests

Beau Wilkes

“After several abnormal smear tests, I had two rings removed,” she wrote on social media. “This is a method where the deformed cells around the cervix and neck are removed, and then hopefully healthy cells will grow back. Unfortunately, this did not happen for me.

So her gynecologist decided to perform a conization procedure. “I was happy because it meant we had one more try before the uterus was removed. Conization is a simple procedure under general anesthesia in which a cone-shaped piece of the uterus is removed. This means that the uterus remains intact.

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We then waited seven months before taking a new swab. This way, her body had time to remove the abnormal cells and HPV. 'today finally Got good news! I'm so happy and grateful that I secretly took the bad news and major surgery into consideration. In addition, I am very grateful that I was able to receive a warning, while there are also people who discover at a more advanced stage that their PAP result is wrong.

Poe writes that it is sad that many women ignore the cervical cancer screening program and do not test themselves for HPV. '80 to 90 percent of all people carry HPV: the cause of cervical cancer. In 3%, HPV can lead to pre-cancerous stage. So she urges everyone to “check out.”

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