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Advertise Be Calm Silent Loop 2; All-in-one water cooler with radiators from 120mm to 360mm. This cooler is equipped with 3 fans with a maximum size of 120mm or 140mm. Silent Lube 2’s cheapest cost is € 99.

to Silent Ring 2 becomes available In four variations, with the smallest three models you get fans. These are Silent Wings 3-pwm fans that have a maximum rotation speed of 2,200 rpm. The two fans on the 280mm model operate at a maximum of 1,600 rpm. At its maximum cycle count, the aio emits around 36.1 to 39.8 dB (A), depending on the model. When the fans are running at a quarter of their maximum revolutions per minute, the aio emits 16.5 to 17.7 dB (A) noise. The pump operates at a maximum of 2,800 rpm.

Be Calm Silent Loop 2 equips in four different sizes, namely 360mm, 280mm, 240mm and 120mm. These are made of aluminum, the cooling surface is made of nickel plated brass. The cooler also has a refill port and the cooling block contains LED lights. This heatsink is compatible with Intel’s LGA 1150 socket and AMD’s AM3 socket. The sTRX4 socket requires a mounting kit, which will be available from June.

The be quiet Silent Loop 2 will be available starting April 6. A doctoral student with the smallest heating device costs € 99. The most expensive Silent Loop 2 costs 159 euros.

Name and size of the chiller The amount and size of the fans Dimensions including fans Weight sound price
Ring 2120 mm 2x 120 mm 154 x 120 x 77 mm 0,91kg 16.6 Total 36.4 dB (A) 99 euros
2240 mm ring 2x 120 mm 274 x 120 x 52 mm 1,05 kg 16.8 dB to 38.3 dB (A) 129 euros
2280 mm ring 2x 140 mm 314 x 140 x 52 mm 1,18 kg 16.5 all 36.1 dB (A) 139 euros
The ring is 2360 mm 3x 120 mm 394x120x52mm 1,33kg 17.7 all 39.8 dB (A) 159 euros
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Be Calm The Silent Episode 2

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