Review: Monster Hunter Rise is the best accessible game in the series |  Currently

Review: Monster Hunter Rise is the best accessible game in the series | Currently

Monster Hunter Rise It is an extraordinarily smooth and comprehensive action game that you can put into hundreds of hours with ease. The game is still more available than ever.

to Monster hunterThe series has had massive success in its home country of Japan for years, but with an introduction Monster Hunter World The series became an international concept. With sixteen million copies sold, it became the most successful Resident Evil Capcom developer title ever.

The idea behind the game is already in the name: Bee Monster hunter You hunt larger and dangerous monsters, whose skins and teeth are broken to make new armor and weapons. It reminds us of games like World of WarcraftWhere players defeat increasingly stronger enemies to gain better equipment.

Cut the tails and roll them in the water

Friends are often full of stats and other numbers but that is not the case with this game. Monster hunter It is an amazing physical feeling game. If you catch fireball from a monster, you extinguish it by rolling puddles of water. Does the monster hit its tail more often? It then cuts it with few, well-targeted strokes to make it easier to fight.

While your gear will continue to improve while hunting, your shield cannot withstand many hits. You will mainly have to avoid attacks and prevent them yourself. But since the game world is directly interacting with your actions, it is a game in which you can improve with practice. As you improve, you can fight stronger monsters.

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Monster Hunter Rise It can be played with up to four people online or locally using four game consoles. Everyone can play their own role in such a yacht via the Internet. For example, users of the Hunting Horn, a type of hammer with an integrated bagpipe, can use songs to strengthen their teammates. Meanwhile, the archer can target the monster with poison and cripple arrows to weaken it.

More modern and accessible than previous games

Monster Hunter Rise Very similar to its predecessor Scientist, Which has attracted somewhat outdated gaming series to the modern era. For example, those who fish with bow and arrow play a game similar to modern archery. On top of that, the focus is more on hunting, so you rarely have to explore to find plants and mushrooms.

Mount up He continues this trend and tries to get the player into action as quickly as possible. Within an hour you fight big monsters, after which you rarely have to do anything else. This might sound a little intimidating: in that first hour a great deal of gaming systems are explained to you, that sometimes you can forget how everything works.

It is now also possible to temporarily install and control monsters, so that you can attack other enemies in the playground. Hunters can now also swing through the air using special insect ropes to explore the game world vertically as well. This world is now also hidden by secrets in hard-to-climb locations, making the world feel more alive than before.


he met Monster Hunter Rise Capcom is attempting to successfully sell the item Scientist To repeat. The company is doing it on the Nintendo Switch this time, which deserves all the praise: It’s a game that looks as complete, complete and comprehensive as it does on its game console, which can also be played out of the door in manual mode.

He who does not have one Monster hunter Played, finds in Mount up The perfect entry point. It’s a game that tries to brush off its old, Japanese, and outdated image with a little refinement, resulting in an excellent action game that fills hundreds of hours. You just have to be prepared to pay close attention to the first hour and know about all the systems.

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