“Qualcomm is working on an Android game console that looks like a Nintendo Switch” – Games – News

Don’t underestimate the free mobile gaming industry.

And I think it’s basically that Money from the market What do they want. There must be some way to get in here.
Hence the proposal follows that “you must add value”, but I doubt very much whether there is a proposal for this target group.

There are actually two whales among those who spend 1,000-plus in such a game, but that doesn’t mean you can by definition enforce an entry barrier of 300. Or whether this group needs this “extra control”, if they only want to pass the fat fingers All day on screen.

And I don’t see any added value for hardcore games. Because you can do more unique setting by using killer smartphone + separate controller. Then you have more computing power, a better screen, and a better controller. Clip between them and they sit together or put your smartphone or your table.

The idea of ​​copying Nintendo is always doomed to failure. That’s not possible by definition, because no company will have what Nintendo built over all of those years. Programming. All those are IP addresses, which it looks like could last for a long time. It’s not just the Switch form factor that’s why Nintendo suddenly sold 80 million units. It is always a combination.

So no … I don’t believe in the success of this thing.

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