Australians have been rescued from flooding, and more heavy rain is expected

Australians have been rescued from flooding, and more heavy rain is expected

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Emergency services rescued more than two dozen people from a flooded area in the Australian state of Victoria. More land in the area is expected to be flooded next day, as heavy rain has already fallen recently and more heavy rain is expected.

For example, on Sunday in the town of Redesdale – located about a hundred kilometers north of Melbourne – the amount of rain that usually falls in a month fell within three hours.

Heavy rains led to saturated ground and rising water levels in Victoria's rivers. There are also problems due to wet summers in the northern state of New South Wales, where Sydney is located.

Flash flood warnings

Victoria Emergency Services received about 700 emergency calls on Monday, most of them from the area around Bendigo. Flash flood warnings were issued today in several places.

Aaron White, from the Australian Volunteer Emergency Service (SES), warns the public broadcaster ABC That people should not make ill-informed decisions. “For example, by driving through a flooded area. No one knows what is under that water.” According to him, cars can get into trouble in water up to 15 cm deep.

Eastern Australia has recently faced quite a few storms, floods and even cyclones, while drought and bushfires have been expected due to the El Niño weather phenomenon.

In this explanation from NOS op 3 we explain how the El Niño phenomenon arises:

El Niño is back and the whole world will know about it

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