Traffic jams in the Alps due to the start of the Christmas holidays

Traffic jams in the Alps due to the start of the Christmas holidays

December 23, 2023

ANWB Traffic Information expects delays on roads leading to winter sports areas this weekend (December 22-24). With the start of the Christmas holidays, many people head out to enjoy the snow in the Alps.

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Troubled weather

Countries that practice winter sports are expected to see stormy weather on Saturday, which could make driving conditions more difficult, leading to very long traffic jams.
Meteorological warning in Europe


in Germany There will be traffic jams on the roads leading south on Saturday 23 December. It gets especially crowded on the surrounding roads Frankfurt, Karlsruhe in Munich. Also on Access routes to Winter sports areas Some delay must be taken into account. German sister club ADAC is also warning of border controls for returning holiday traffic on the route from Austria to Germany. This may cause long traffic jams Subin border crossings (A3), Walserberg (A8) in Keifersfelden (A93).
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Austria and Switzerland

in Austria Saturday, December 23 is also a popular travel day. In the west there is a lot of traffic on Fernbass Road, De B179 Fussen – Nazareth. There are also traffic jams on The A10 goes from Salzburg to Bischofshofen and on A12 takes Kufstein and Innsbruck. Later there is a delay Roads leading to winter sports resorts. Especially on roads in the governorates Tyrol, Vorarlberg in Salzburgland Traffic jams are expected. In addition to road works on five tunnels on the road A10 (Salzburg and Villach) between Gölling and Werfen Big delay. Traffic there will be in one lane in both directions for a distance of 14 km.
in Switzerland Do Gotthard Tunnel on the A2 motorway The biggest bottleneck.
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in France Friday, December 22 is the busiest day. Winter sports fans are over Roads south of Lyon The greatest chance of traffic jams. but also Last kilometers to famous ski resorts Take plenty of time.
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to Rush hour on Friday afternoon, December 22nd In the Netherlands it starts with Begins From the Christmas holidays A little earlier than usual. Highway traffic has the greatest amount of delays A2 And the A27 From Utrecht to the south. Also on the roads North Brabant in Gelderland It gets busy. As on A1 between Amersfoort and Hengelol A12 between Utrecht and the German border And the Roads around Arnhem and Nijmegen. During the Christmas holiday period itself, the morning and evening peak hours in our country are much less crowded than usual. no Previous reference Monday 8 January It's happening again “Normal” morning rush hour..
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