"Ask Nico if he's kicking Perquis in training"

“Ask Nico if he’s kicking Perquis in training”

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To Antony8

AnthonyImage Dutch Height / Sonar Summit Game Photography

Den Hawk Note: ‘Do not place Anthony and Perquis in closet close to each other.’

Perquis Note: ‘Anthony kicks in training.’

Anthony’s note: ‘Ask Nico to kick Perquis during training.’

lvarez’s note: Ask Cravenberg to teach me how to pronounce the words ‘switch over’ and ‘residual protection’ correctly. Try not to laugh. ‘

Messi notes: ‘In the first league match, both Mbappe and Neymar were released to the keeper twice.’

Neymar Note: ‘If Messi wants to take it, ask for every free kick and corner first.’

Messi Note: “Do not walk around shaking your head at Neymar’s free kicks.”

Overmarks Note: ‘Enter Onana Dressing Room PI Future and Parking at P5.’

Messi notes: “Taking sons to the Eiffel Tower. Ask if Mbappé is also interested. ‘

A 9 for Vivian Midema

Vivian Midema.  Image by Thomas Baker / Pro Shots
Vivian Midema.Image by Thomas Baker / Pro Shots

With the exception of a few like Ajax-PSV, we are at the point of the season where I am still satisfied with the half matches. ADO-Jong Ajax had to do half an hour, I saw the second half of Mets-Lill. The last competition I watched was the Women’s Olympics. Maidema confirmed her position as the best footballer in the world, and contrary to her habits, Sarina Wickman did not always find the best solution when problems arose. It would be a mistake to choose Van de Santon instead of Bernstein. Spitze’s loss was also not well noticed. This helmsman would have liked to see the frantic and ruthless Pit Bull van de Dong on the spot instead of Cronen and / or Rourd. America could win, but we did not.

Leonardo Nacimento di Aurozo.  Field Reuters
Leonardo Nacimento di Aurozo.Image REUTERS

To Leonardo9

On the day that Sifan Hassan ran in his gold race, Noni Maduge stopped an Ajax player in a row 1-0 to PSV. But let’s talk about Messi signing with Paris Saint-Germain today. He is the fourth world star to enter the most expensive club in Europe for free, after Donnaramma, Vijaltam and Ramos. Leonardo had to sit alone as Neymar, Di Maria and Paradis waited for the end of the text messages sent to their Argentine friend. The question is who will end up on the bench: Icardi is definitely not a friend, and if Messi is in the 10th, Vijnal is also the problem. Paradise and Verdi Messi will not sit idly by watching Lig 1 win. Fortunately, Ziko eventually bought the rights. Thanks for the advice, free, just like Messi

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