Another heat wave in Spain: 46.8 degrees in Valencia, up 3.4 degrees from the previous record |  outside

Another heat wave in Spain: 46.8 degrees in Valencia, up 3.4 degrees from the previous record | outside

Spain is groaning under the third heat wave of the summer. And in the eastern port city of Valencia, the mercury climbed to a record high of 46.8 degrees Celsius on Thursday, which is at least 3.4 degrees higher than the previous record. This was reported by Copernicus, a European program that monitors our planet.

In recent days, temperatures of 44 degrees have been measured in the center and south of the country. Even in the Basque Country, the mercury rose to 40 degrees, which is very unusual.

However, according to the latest forecasts, things are getting better. Friday should be the last day of the heatwave in the mainland. However, in the Canary Islands, the heat wave will continue until Sunday. There, the mercury never drops below 30 degrees even at night in many places.

Rod code

The authorities temporarily maintain the red code of “extreme danger” for the area around Seville and Cordoba in the south and much of the province of Huelva in the southwest, where the temperature can reach 44 degrees. This also applies to the Canary Islands, with the exception of El Hierro, where the temperature is 40 degrees.

Temperatures range from 39 to 42 degrees in large parts of Andalusia, central Extremadura, Madrid, the Tagus Valley and Guadiana. The orange symbol applies there.


This weekend, the temperature on the mainland will drop a bit, especially on Sunday. But it will remain warm at 35 degrees. According to the Spanish newspaper El Pais, temperatures in large parts of the south and east will rise between 5 and 10 degrees higher than normal this month.

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Canary Islands

Next week, normal temperatures for Spaniards will rise between 32 and 35 degrees. The temperature also drops in the Canary Islands, but it can still reach over 35 degrees in large parts and even over 40 degrees in the south of Gran Canaria. It won’t get cold in there until Wednesday.

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