Amusement parks are allowed to start arriving after extensive testing

Amusement parks are allowed to start arriving after extensive testing

Next week, extensive experiments with widespread testing to reach zoos, parks and museums will begin. The aim of the “test access” program is to gradually open the Netherlands again. The daily attraction club trade association Club van Elf expects many people to want to take such a test to get access, says director Kees Klismann at Goedemorgen Nederland.

“It’s part of this pilot to see how great the test preparation is,” says Klesman. “Fortunately, children up to the age of 13 do not need to be tested, as I understand it. That way it remains available to families.”

Limited places

Not everyone can buy a ticket right away. There are only limited places for testing, Klisman says. Some parks have long-wait season pass holders. They were very loyal today. So a number of companies use their subscription carriers for these tests. Others are open to the public, such as Keukenhof. “

Keukenhof It might actually be open to the public on a limited basis on Friday 9, Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 April. Then 5,000 visitors are allowed per day. There are also test days on the following weekend. More easing could come in May.

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Written by: Tom Janssen

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