“People beg for vaccines in the GGD”

“People beg for vaccines in the GGD”

A GGD pop-up vaccination site in Zandvoort.ANP photo

To write sincerely In response to questions to the GGD.

“There are places where a bunch of people are at the door every day or more,” spokeswoman Jacqueline Tonin of the GGD GHOR umbrella told the newspaper. Some were standing all day, hoping the vaccines would stay.

GGD will not respond to these requests. The remaining vaccines are being used at the end of the day for the first time by personnel working at injection sites. Only then can people from the at-risk groups be vaccinated with the remaining vaccines. However, this has not yet happened.

Amsterdam GGD

There are no people waiting for vaccination at the two vaccination sites in Amsterdam, says Richard Lancy, a spokesperson for GGD Amsterdam. “It doesn’t happen that people beg to get a vaccine, as far as I can figure it out.” However, sometimes, calls are made by people who are curious to see if it is actually possible for them to be vaccinated.

“The remaining vaccines are distributed to the people who work at the sites,” Lance says. “So nothing is thrown away or wasted. You cannot automatically start accessing radioactive iodine to get a vaccine.”

Later in the schedule

Many people in the at-risk groups have not yet been vaccinated, as it is only later in the schedule. Other Dutch people who already had a condition or disease were vaccinated. For example, people with Down syndrome and obesity have already been vaccinated, and other high-risk groups are already being vaccinated, such as patients with acute kidney failure or leukemia and other types of leukemia. sincerely.

Starting in May, general practitioners will begin vaccinating other high-risk groups.

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