America is also starting to tire of Meghan a little bit

America is also starting to tire of Meghan a little bit

From a PR perspective, it hasn’t been a good week for Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, who hit a good deal of publicity with her debut Archetypes podcast and an interview with The Cut.

Unfortunately not with roaring reviews: Although the podcast is highly listened to (it’s #1 on Spotify, not crazy!), there’s been some criticism that Meghan talks more than her guest and friend, Serena Williams. Subject: Women and Ambition. Because, given her life on the tennis court, she knows quite a bit about it.

Among other things, the podcast noted that the Sussexes’ son Archie may have survived a fire in his room during the royal tour of South Africa. It’s scary, but the fire is slightly different from a burning stove: ‘The plug is pulled, it’s manipulated further.’

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As they resided in a housing container, there was a necessary hyperbole in the discourse ‘household unit’. It became the ruthless home of the British High Commissioner.

And South Africa did #FootskMeghan He is now famous for not portraying the country in a positive light.

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The UK has long dealt with Meghan’s heartbreak, reportedly for a total of 72 days of work for the royal family, which has not stopped her from continuing to use the title of Duchess of Sussex. Hmm.

The business model of the Sussex family and the Court of Montecito is indeed America.

For example, if staying in England, spreading lies about ’40 photographers waiting at school for Archie’ won’t help in a fancy interview. Like the Netherlands, the country has a kind of media code around private moments. George and Charlotte have been going on school, park and other outings for years.

And when your first big Interview It’s important to worry that this kind of reaction is coming from the media that was good to you in the first place, not comparing yourself to Nelson Mandela as a woman with many privileges, leave the victim a little less and change your course.

PS For those who can’t get enough: Megan’s second archetypes Internet Mariah Carey as a guest. Let’s see if we can find a pin in between😉

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