US military attache Ida Quigley receives top award - Suriname Herald

US military attache Ida Quigley receives top award – Suriname Herald

Lt. Commander Ida Quigley, United States military attaché, has completed her term of service in Suriname. Quigley was decorated by the Department of Defense on August 31. He also received the Joint Service Commendation Medal from General Laura Richardson, commander of the US Southern Command. The decoration took place in the presence of US Ambassador Karen Williams, staff and the Chief of Army Staff.

Lieutenant Commander Ida Quigley received the Medal for Meritorious Services in the rank of Commander from Suriname. According to De Quigley, the decoration emphasizes the close bond between Suriname and the United States. He thanked the authorities for their excellent cooperation in the past.

“The officer nominated to receive this medal is highly respected by the Suriname defense establishment. Please wear it with pride and honor. You deserve this medal,” said Werner Keo A Sen, Acting Commander of the National Army.

Quigley thanked him for his efforts and the many improvements he was able to realize during his service in Suriname. “Since your first day in Suriname you have built bridges and strengthened existing bridges with great dedication,” the commander said.

Thanks to his efforts, the two military organizations have seen improvement in bilateral relations. Providing assistance in dealing with hazardous materials and explosives, medical and engineering programs are some of the many initiatives this has made possible.

Lieutenant-Commander Ida Quigley notes that she enjoyed working in Suriname. He goes to America for a new challenge in his life. His successor as military attaché is Lt. Commander Nate Swank.

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