Alps - high pressure at its end, Weihnachtstauwetter forward

Alps – high pressure at its end, Weihnachtstauwetter forward

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The Alps have been under the wings of high pressure for more than a week. The weather will remain calm in the Alps for the next few days with sun in the mountains and Hochnibel in the valleys. Chances of rain increase in the second half of the week. Around Christmas, the softest and most humid air reaches the Alps – Weihnachtstauwetter.

Beautiful snowdrops can be seen on the snow cover today near Braxmar (Tirol, Austria). Roy Miller
Yesterday was a sunny day in the Muttereralm ski area near Innsbruck. There is still a little snow on the slope of the mountain’s shadow, although the slopes can be a bit icy at times. The differences between the northern and southern slopes are now clearly visible. Roy Miller

todayAnd Sunday The atmosphere is calm in the Alps. In the mountains it shines brightly and the temperatures are above average. In the Eastern Alps, there is more wind and it can feel fresh, but there is little Hochnebel in the valleys. In contrast, in the Western Alps there is more Hochnebel in the valleys, but it will disappear during the day.

TomorrowAnd Monday Again a sign of high pressure. In the mountains it will be sunny again and in the valleys the day begins in many places with Hochnebel. There may be a shower in the far east of the Alps, but it will still be dry in most places. Although temperatures are above average, it can cool down significantly at night under clear skies thanks to the radiation.

The omega block held out for a while and caused the alpine weather to rise. A blockage can often last up to two weeks. The end of this appears in sight. (ECMWF Sunday December 19 , via

In the second half of the week It looks like a change of weather is imminent. The area of ​​high pressure above the Alps appears to be declining in strength, putting the Alps in the line of fire to create new disturbances.

Weihnachstauwetter in the long run

Weihnachstauwetter is called the “Christmas thaw” period and it can occur between December 24 and 29. Statistically speaking, a moderate and humid weather phase occurs regularly in this period. With the way weather maps look now, it seems likely that this singularity will reappear around the holidays.

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GFS and ECMWF weather maps with precipitation, air pressure, and temperature skew. GFS shows moderate temperatures over the Christmas weekend. In the ECMWF, the Alps lie on the border of cold and soft air. First, the chances of precipitation are higher (Source:

However, global weather models are not at all unanimous. ECMWF comes with rainfall on Friday and Saturday. GFS comes in cool temperatures on Christmas Day and Alpine Boxing Day. The area of ​​low pressure west of the Alps will provide a supply from the southwest. This will ensure a softer, more humid air. This will provide a lot of snow in the mountains, but the snowfall line is likely to be high.

This scenario is vigorously illustrated by GFS. The ECMWF explains this as well, but it has a later timing. According to the ECMWF, this will not happen until after Christmas. The difference between the models is significant, but it seems likely that there will be a milder weather phase. So much for the alpine weather forecast. Have a nice day from Innsbruck!

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