Alexandra’s boyfriend (44) has cancer

Alexandra’s boyfriend (44) has cancer

Edwin Stockink, 53, told Alexandra, 44, at their first meeting that he had cancer. However, I decided to go for it.

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Edwin: “I’ve organized dance parties for people over thirty and we had a party in Arnhem. The evening was just beginning when Alexandra walked in. I saw a lot of beautiful women in the nightlife, but now I don’t know what I saw. I thought she was beautiful.”

Alexandra: “I was completely upset when I saw him. What a warm, kind and delightful man he is.”

Enterprise: “Within a few minutes I was telling her my whole life story. I said, ‘There are things you should know: I don’t have money, I’m still in a relationship and I’m terminally ill.'”

A: I told him that money is not important to me. I couldn’t believe he only had one year left to live. I thought he didn’t give up so easily. I thought his relationship was a problem. I told him that very evening that I never wanted to be anyone’s mistress.

Enterprise: “Three days later I told my girlfriend that I had fallen in love with someone else. Things haven’t been going well between us for a long time.”


A: “I was on my own for six years before I met Edwin. I’ve been on a lot of dates, but I didn’t feel anything for any of these guys. With Edwin it’s like entering a romantic movie, he’s so good at talking about his feelings. Of course I had Doubts, I have just decided to continue alone with my daughter.

Enterprise: “At the end of 2014 I got sick: it turned out to be metastatic lung cancer. Tumors were all over my body. In my lungs, liver, lymph nodes, behind my eyes, in my brain, everywhere.”

A: The doctors said that if he did nothing, he would have one year to live. If he chose radiation and injections, it would probably be five. Chemotherapy was not an option.”

Enterprise: “I decided to just treat the tumor in my lung, because it was literally getting in my way. I didn’t want any more treatment, just some alternative medicine. If I can’t get better, I’d rather feel as good as I can at the time.” in which you left.”

A: “I get that very well, he was very weak. I would sit with him regularly in the ER when he had another pneumonia. Intense, but fortunately I don’t panic easily.”

Enterprise: “Alexandra’s best friend was glad she found me, but the rest of her environment had to get used to.”

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“think now”

A: “My parents wondered what I was doing. ‘Just think,’ they said. ‘You have a daughter.’ I felt a lot of resistance in my environment. But the more I saw Edwin, the more I loved him. If it didn’t work out, I decided, at least we enjoyed our time together.”

Enterprise: “Alexandra’s parents turned around when we visited them in Poland. I didn’t get to talk to them directly, but we instantly clicked. Alexandra’s dad, like me, is interested in history and spirituality.”

A: “Edwin and I have now been together for seven years, isn’t it incredible? The scans look good. I’m glad I listened to my heart at the time. I just felt like our love wouldn’t last.”

Enterprise: “I can’t work anymore and I get tired easily, but I’m fine. The only thing that matters is now, but we also dare to dream about the future.”

A: “We were just talking about a house in Spain today. Together in the sun, that sounds really cool to us.”

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