A visit to the A380 does not go unnoticed

A visit to the A380 does not go unnoticed

A Lufthansa Airbus A380 made an unscheduled landing at Vancouver Airport on Sunday due to a medical emergency on board.

The Superjumbo, registered D-AIMK, departed Munich, Germany at 12:50 local time en route to Los Angeles, United States. The A380 continued on its way to the Americas via northern Germany. It then braved part of the Atlantic Ocean and Antarctica before heading to Canada. However, over the last country the pilots said no Aviation source Air traffic control informed them that they were dealing with a medical emergency. It is not known exactly what was happening. The A380 veered off course over central Canada to make an unscheduled landing at Vancouver Airport.

Visitors stand out

Then the A380 stood on Canadian soil for a while. This did not go unnoticed by a number of concerned parties. “A Lufthansa A380 was diverted this afternoon,” a Vancouver airport ground employee wrote with a photo of himself on the former X's Twitter feed. He added: “The Lufthansa A380-800, LH452, was diverted this afternoon from the Munich-Los Angeles flight due to a sick passenger.” It is the first visit of a German A380 to Vancouver.


However, the unplanned visit was short-lived. The plane resumed the remainder of its flight around 2:50 p.m. local time. She flew to Los Angeles in two hours and twenty minutes. I got there about four hours late. Return flight LH453, scheduled to depart at 5:30 p.m., departed Los Angeles two hours later in the direction of Munich.

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