A strange amount of snow in North America

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In recent days parts of North America have received meters of snow on the other side of the ocean. This is especially true in the state of California. These areas have seen twice the normal snowfall. Houses are snowed in, 13 people have already died, and even ski resorts can’t open.

Lots of snow in North America

While it hasn’t been a record year yet, it’s amazing how much snow falls from the sky in California. This is the snowiest winter ever. Locals have been digging for days. According to news from USAT today Residents may be stuck in their homes for another week. This is all due to last weekend’s blizzard that left an incredible amount of snow. It started snowing two weeks ago and the effect of this blizzard is amazing! Affected areas of the US are currently doing everything they can to clear the snow so that ‘normal’ life can continue.

What does it look like?

Many residents are sharing pictures of large piles of snow that have fallen in North America. The pictures are truly amazing! Check out:

@303pieces Crazy conditions in Tahoe with over 500 inches so far this season and it’s not stopping #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #blizzard #snow #Powder #California #Alpine meadows ♬ Original Sound – Kyle Mack
@bradscottvisuals It’s been snowing relentlessly in Tahoe and we finally got a little break in the storm so I decided to fly my drone to explore the neighborhood from the sky to see our houses buried in snow. #TahoesNo #Tahoe #blizzard #snow #TahoeBlizzard #Weather #Tahosno storm #blizzard #LakeTahoe #buried #TahoeLife #Winter #Snowfall #drone video #drone #Astronomical scenes ♬ Sunshine – WIRA
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@thehiltons I was fine, and honestly it felt good to laugh while trying to unload our groceries in the middle of a storm. If you thought the last update was crazy, wait till you see tomorrow!! #foryou #fyp #snow #Tahiltons #Winter #California #Failure #snowdog ♬ Original Sound – The Hilton Family

Such is the case with ski resorts

Ski resorts in parts of the southern and central Sierra Nevada have high avalanche danger. Fresh snow combined with strong winds creates dangerous conditions. Reports from ski resorts show that the amount of fresh snow is truly extraordinary. Many areas were closed last weekend. There is more snow on the roads, but also on the slopes. One that still applies today Winter Storm Warning In southwestern Oregon, northern California, and parts of the Sierra Nevada. These are real pictures shared by several California ski resorts:

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