A soap about American Lovin Bears quarterback has an epilogue: Jordan Skipper Brown in Mohamed Khairzi |  Basketball > BNXT-League

A soap about American Lovin Bears quarterback has an epilogue: Jordan Skipper Brown in Mohamed Khairzi | Basketball > BNXT-League

BNXT Basketball LeagueThe decision has been made. The Lovin Bears bid farewell to American quarterback Jordan Skipper Brown. He made himself impossible at the club after several incidents. In the beginning, the player is given one last chance, but eventually cooperation is no longer possible. Mohamed Khairzi is his replacement.

On November 19, Leuven Bears won 92-76 against Liège. The euphoria over the sweet win was tempered by an incident with American quarterback Jordan Skipper Brown during the second quarter. He came in very unmotivated and lost the ball casually and was substituted logically. Skipper Brown then left the court in a frenzy during the game. At first he went to the dressing room, but after a few minutes he came home while the match was still going on. After the game, coach Eddie Castiles – understandably – stated that he hoped he would never have to work with the player again. A conversation between the player and the club’s management brought clarification. Skipper Brown apologized profusely and was given a new, final chance.

new accidents

Those new ideas from Jordan Skipper-Brown turned out to be short-lived. In a press release, spokesman Erwin van Achten said that new facts have occurred. After Jordan Skipper Brown left the field on his own initiative and without permission in the home match against Liège, the sports team and the club offered him a second chance to prove himself again within the team. In the end it turned out that he did not take this opportunity and missed training several times after that. In consultation With the sports staff, the experiment was stopped with immediate effect.”

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Muhammad Al-Kharazi

The board has already appointed a replacement for Jordan Skipper-Brown. The choice fell on Muhammad Khairzi. Of course, the sports staff immediately took action to find a suitable replacement. The choice fell on 32-year-old Dutch international Mohamed Kharazi (2d01). Mo played for Dutch champions Den Bosch last season and was also on the parquet with Kangoeroes Mechelen a few seasons ago. “Mo is also a veteran of coach Eddie Castells. They both used to work at Leiden. Mo is a real team player and always gives 100% commitment and motivation. He will undoubtedly add value to the team and bring fire to the field. Mo will indeed be able to play against Limburg United on Saturday.” .

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