'A New World: Bergenaran in the United States'

‘A New World: Bergenaran in the United States’

BERGEN OP ZOOM – This is after the First World War. Wooter Widegan lives in Doublestroot on the Bergen of Zoom. After a devastating service, he decides to board a ship from Bergen to the United States with a few other young men.

Water is the younger brother of amateur historian Jim Bernard’s great-great-grandmother, and he married a Croesland a few years later. But then he never tried again, this time with his young family and parents. They ended up in Wisconsin in the 1930s via Minnesota. How did such a journey go? How much did they have to embrace? How did children in the United States pay?

Bernard searched for answers based on documents, letters and a lot of research. The result is a substantial article where he discusses other communities where the family met in the United States. Who knew an entire city in Wisconsin was full of people from Praband? Did the Poles, the Germans, the Norwegians, the Finns and the Belgians live there together? A true pioneer story.

You can read the article here http://stamboombernaards.nl/in-amerika/4334-2/.

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