The United States wants to get rid of major technology companies' major acquisitions

The United States wants to get rid of major technology companies’ major acquisitions

There are more and more critics of big tech companies in American politics. U.S. Senator Josh Howley is also a Republican. He is a staunch opponent of high power for big tech companies. Reuters Writes Any company with a market value of more than $ 100 billion about a bill he submitted would be barred from all mergers and acquisitions. These companies, as you can already guess, are the five largest American technology companies.

Senator’s allegations

Howley’s new bill would bar Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook from negotiating deals and prevent them from favoring their own products over competitors.

Howley is not the only one in American politics to like this. In February, Democratic Senator Amy Globucher passed a bill that would address some similar issues. “I am ready to work with her and with anyone from any party and from any background,” says Howley.

Howley was also asked if he would support Lina Kahn, a technical critic and law professor working in the judiciary. Howley said he was “very impressed” with her, but said “I have not made a final decision yet”.

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