A new sea route connecting Morocco to North America

A new sea route connecting Morocco to North America

January 1, 2024 – 1:00 PM – Economy


Shipping company CMA CGM has announced the official launch of its new ocean route called 'NAMEX'. The new route was created specifically to facilitate the seasonal transport of fruits and vegetables from Morocco to North America and to meet the growing demand for fresh produce in the region.

The 'NAMEX' line will provide a vital link between the Tangier Med Port and several key destinations in North America, including Halifax in Canada and US ports such as New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, Savannah and Charleston.

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The first vessel, 'CMA CGM Chile', is scheduled to depart Tangier Med Port on January 9, 2024. A direct voyage from Tangier to Halifax takes one week, and Philadelphia takes 13 days. Upon arrival, CMA CGM is considering efficient logistics solutions such as rail links to quickly connect Halifax to Toronto, with an estimated delivery time of just 3 to 4 days.

Along with the economic importance, CMA CGM also emphasizes the strategic role of this new route. The initiative strengthens trade flows and facilitates the transportation of goods to key regions such as Africa and the Mediterranean.

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Technologically speaking, the shipping company is committed to innovation. The refrigerated containers in this range are equipped with 'climate controlled atmosphere' technology to ensure the best storage environment for the products. Furthermore, the integration of smart refrigerated containers enables accurate and real-time monitoring of transport conditions, ensuring product freshness and quality throughout the journey.

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