Biden and Trump presidential battle increasingly likely: 'Majority of America doesn't want it'

Biden and Trump presidential battle increasingly likely: 'Majority of America doesn't want it'

According to the latest polls, the battle for the presidency of the United States in 2024 will once again be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, who crossed swords four years ago. Americanist and VVD senator Koen Petersen said on WNL Op Zondag on NPO 1: “The majority of America does not like this.

Biden vs. Trump is “the most likely scenario if you look at the polls right now,” Peterson says. “The irony is that this is the most likely scenario, while the majority of American society doesn't want it. But we're moving toward it.

Negative propaganda

Peterson expects the campaign by both Democrats and Republicans to have a predominantly negative approach. This is related by the fact that both camps can successfully shovel mud. Think of the lawsuits against Trump. “This will undoubtedly be exploited by the Democrats,” Peterson says.

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Or take the frail and vulnerable image of Biden or his son, Hunter Biden, against whom criminal proceedings are pending. Whether Joe Biden played a role will “become part of the story” among Republicans.

Another reason for negative campaigning is that Americans have little sympathy for either candidate. “There's a lot of negative sentiment. In both cases, there are more Americans who dislike Trump and Biden than there are positive opinions. It will be used during the campaign by responding to emotions. “By driving people to the polls: 'You don't want him to be president, do you? Vote for me!' That will be the overall theme of the campaign.

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Age Bitten

Biden's age (81) is often the subject of debate. He now holds the honorary title of oldest US President. If he is re-elected, he will eventually be 86 years old. “It worries people,” says American.

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However, Biden has not been called upon to drop out of the race for that reason. “In his eyes, he's his own best adviser. He doesn't care much about other people. He's been in politics for half a century, he's been trying to become president for 30 years. Voluntarily stepping down from his position is a high hurdle for him.

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According to Peterson, 75 percent of the American population and two-thirds of his party's supporters have a problem with the current president's age. “Because that's something you can't fix or change, so it's exciting whether he'll get a second term.

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