Rare scarlet ibis of South America found in Walkenberg 1 Limburg

Rare scarlet ibis of South America found in Walkenberg 1 Limburg

A crimson ibis has been seen in recent days in the Netherlands, including Walkenberg. The exotic bird is commonly found only in South America and zoos. It is not clear where the animals came from.

According to, the birds flew here from South America Forester Thomas Van der It Almost impossible. They probably escaped somewhere.

Walkenberg-based entertainment photographer Bianca Cyphers was surprised to see a red, colorful look during a walk. “I thought I saw ghosts after everything that happened in Walkenberg,” she jokes. More water seeped into her house as well. To give space to everything, she often goes out with her dogs. “That’s how I clean my head.”

Same place
When she is walking, she often sits in the same place and looks at the crimson ibis. “Only now was I able to be so close to my camera. The animal has a ring on its leg,” Bianca explains. Scarlett Ibiz is busy. It greedily penetrates the ground, occasionally bringing in a worm. According to forest ranger Van Ace, the bird currently has enough food. But it is difficult to estimate a real chance for him to survive. Its distinctive appearance makes it an easy prey for predators.

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