Is America still a democracy?  • Opposition to new pension system • Anger over Leverton protection

America on the brink of mediocrity • Opposition to new pension system • Leverton anger over security


Crucial mid-term elections in a tense US

On November 8th, Americans will vote for a new Congress. This will be the first national election after the 2020 presidential election. Former President Barack Obama is also involved in the campaign. Everyone’s eyes are on which party will get the majority in the four states. It will be the next few days news hour In one of those states, Pennsylvania: a classic swing position In the presidential election, it’s still very hectic. The effects of inflation are on everyone’s mind tonight, including our protagonist.

From a joint to individual pension scheme?

The new pension system has been talked about for years. Because the old system runs into all sorts of problems. Among other things, pensions can no longer be increased sufficiently, while prices continue to rise. With the new system – which the House of Representatives will debate tomorrow – everyone will get a personal pension pot. How much pension you will get is not fixed in advance. It moves: it moves up quickly when the economy and investments are good, but slows down when things are bad. And not everyone agrees. Tonight we will talk to an economist Mathijs Bouman.

Our pension system is being overhauled

Leverton wants clarity about the reception space

Mayor Sybrand Puma van Leeuwarden wants clarification from the government tomorrow on whether the municipality can continue the practice of a regional reception center in the city. The Ministry of Defense is concerned and wants to object to the plan to set up an asylum seeker center near an air force base. Buma finds it incomprehensible that his municipality is building a reception center at the request of one ministry, which the other ministry threatens to oppose.

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Difficult development of asylum reception in Leeuwarden

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