Deze rode ibis loopt in Hooghalen (Rechten: Marije Kanaar)

Scarlett Ibis pops up in Hooghly

“We saw him in the country at eight o’clock tonight,” said Wilma Joling of Hooghly. “It’s a bright red bird, so it stands alone in this landscape, especially here.”

The locals could only see the animals from a distance. “As soon as you get close, he runs away. We haven’t seen him fly yet, but if you get 20 meters from him, he will leave.”

Animal Ambulance

They identify that image in the animal ambulance. The staff tried to catch him tonight, but it was soon impossible. “We don’t like him yet. He’s very fit and active,” said Animal Ambulance North and Central Trent staff. “We asked the farmers in the area to keep an eye on him for us.”

Where Scarlett Ibis comes from is still a mystery. “It must have escaped, it was not a native race,” the employee says. “We looked at it with a telescope, but could not find a ring so quickly. So we do not know whether it was imprisoned somewhere legally or illegally.”

More announcements

Recently, reports of scarlet ibis have been obtained from other parts of the Netherlands, and this animal has been found in the Gelters Riversland and South Holland. It is not possible to say whether the animal flew from there to Hooghly.

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