A man wants to avoid a police parking ticket and is fined

A man wants to avoid a police parking ticket and is fined

In the Inside the man A police negotiator asks one of the hostage takers to pull the trigger and shoot him as a pure ruse. Obviously this does not happen, because the negotiator is the main character. Unfortunately, in the video below, the director didn’t have enough The main character-Energy to deceive successfully. The man asks the police for a fine, and gets one.

The story takes place in New York. A man walks down the street holding his bicycle in his hand. He sees several police cars half parked on the sidewalk. This is also prohibited on official cars. When another NYPD Ford Explorer wants to park on the sidewalk, a pedestrian stops directly behind the police car to block it. “This is a fire hydrant and a sidewalk. You can’t park your car here,” the person said.

Actually, the smart guy with the bike is right. Whether it would be worth discussing this with an agent is something we’ll leave open for now. The officer accuses the director of riding a bike on the sidewalk. The pictures show that the citizen was not on the bike at any time. And then the cross comes to the officer: “If you want to punish me with a fine, give me a fine.”

Fine for riding a bike on the sidewalk

The officer then walks away and asks the human barrier again: “Will I get a fine?” The officer still handed out a ticket for cycling on the sidewalk. Under New York law, the maximum fine for riding a bike on a sidewalk is $100. In response to the video, the police department said parking in New York presented a “continuous challenge” for officers due to limited space.

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The pedestrian who has now been fined has filed a complaint and wants to contest his summons, despite not avoiding a fine. The cyclist said: “If I don’t win the case, I will pay the fine and feel upset, but life goes on.” Hell Gate.

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