A Dutch trade mission visits India  BNR News Radio

A Dutch trade mission visits India BNR News Radio

international11 Sep 23 08:52Autor: Mark Van Harveld

About sixty Dutch entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions have been on a trade mission in India since yesterday. Outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte and President of the employers’ organization VNO-NCW Ingrid Thygessen are part of this mission. “Good communications lead to good contracts,” Thiessen says.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi received his outgoing counterpart Mark Rutte at the G20 summit in New Delhi. (Australian News Agency/Associated Press/Evan Fauci)

Thiessen, who is based in the ICT hub of Bangalore, never tires of emphasizing that a third of Dutch GDP is generated abroad, so this business mission is extremely important. What makes India interesting for the Netherlands? It is the fifth largest economy in the world and will soon become the third after China and the United States.

According to Thiessen, India is growing “incredibly fast” and this provides Dutch businessmen with many opportunities. Especially in the field of technology and ICT – it is not surprising to find Theissen in Bangalore, which she calls the Indian ICT hub. “They now call it the Silicon Valley of India.”

Philips and Rijk Zwaan, both well-known and lesser-known, travel together

When asked about the composition of the trade delegation, Thijsen noted that there were well-known names and lesser-known names. Of course it makes Phillips They appear in relation to medical technology, but also to what is less known to the general public Seed producer Rijk Zwaan Along. “This is one of the world leaders in seeds (…) who can ensure that countries like India can also save their food production. Especially in light of climate change.

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Indian and Dutch businessmen have a lot in common

What Theissen notes about Indian entrepreneurs: tremendous self-confidence with a spirit of innovation, creativity and adventure. “This is something that Dutch, Dutch and Indian businessmen have in common.” According to Thiessen, the fact that outgoing Prime Minister Rutte is traveling is an absolute advantage: “This really opens additional doors, and this also applies to the royal couple.”

“If the Prime Minister is with me, and that always applies to royal couples, it really opens up extra doors.”

Ingrid Thijsen, VNO-NCW

The coming days will mainly revolve around “match making”. “Ultimately, our motto here at Trade Missions has always been: good communications lead to good contracts. All kinds of partnership intentions are also being signed, and there are about thirty of them tonight.

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