767 aborted takeoff after four minutes

A United Airlines Boeing 767-300 returned home Tuesday after an engine fire.

The aircraft, registration N641UA, departed at 21:00 local time in a southeasterly direction en route to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. already through Take off Left engine problems occurred. SkyWest pilots behind the 767 noticed a fire in the damaged engine and reported it to air traffic control, according to radio recordings he owned. CBS News. Then, the pilots of the United Airlines plane were informed. They confirmed the fire, declared an emergency and returned to the airport from which they had departed. “The plane landed safely and passengers disembarked at the gate,” a United Airlines spokesperson said.

United Airlines 767 returning to Houston shortly after takeoff © Flightradar24.com

fire discoverer

It is not known exactly when the problems occurred. It is believed that during takeoff, the Skywest pilot notified air traffic control, but this may have occurred while the 767 was circling. Flightradar 24 767 appears four minutes later Take off It reached a maximum altitude of just over seven hundred meters and at that altitude began the descent toward Houston Airport. There the machine landed safely. No one was injured in the unplanned landing.

767 on the ground

United Airlines arranged a new plane carrying passengers to Rio de Janeiro after all. The 767 in question was grounded at Houston Airport for the rest of the week. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it is investigating the crash.

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