Montenegro got a new political leader after three decades

Montenegro got a new political leader after three decades

Milo Djukanovic is no longer in power in Montenegro after three decades. This is the outcome of the second round of the presidential elections held on Sunday in the state of the former Yugoslavia, predicts the Institute for Electoral Research Seme. The pro-Western Djukanovic was the political head of Montenegro for 33 years, first as Prime Minister, and later as President.

Djukanovic has to make way for 36-year-old Jakov Milatović, a former minister of economic affairs. After more than two-thirds of the votes were counted, he won 60.1% of the vote against 39.9% for incumbent President Milo Djukanovic.

The 61-year-old Djukanovic led the country to independence from Serbia in 2006 and later in 2017 gained NATO membership, among other things. His political opponent Milatović, a newcomer to the political scene, promises big changes and will demand closer relations with Serbia, among other things.

European Union membership

Earlier today, Milatović declared at the polls that he was convinced of victory. “I am firmly convinced that I will become the new president of the country, and the citizens of Montenegro will send the current president into the political past.” Djukanovic’s opponents have long accused him of corruption and ties to organized crime, among other things. The head of state himself has consistently denied these allegations.

The second round came on Sunday after no candidate won a majority two weeks ago. The outcome of these elections is expected to be reflected in the early parliamentary elections scheduled for June 11. Months of political stalemate has stalled, among other things, Montenegro’s impending EU membership.

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