# 71 Corona Sprint |  PNR News Radio

# 71 Corona Sprint | PNR News Radio

Joe Biden surprised his countrymen by doing something we don’t often see from politicians: he delivered faster than he promised. In this case, the vaccines: not on May 1st, but early on April 19th, every American over the age of eighteen can have at least one shot.

# 71 Corona Sprint

David (joins Jana on holiday) and Bernard believe Biden wants to strengthen his support among the public in this way, so he is better prepared for a political moat war with Republican opposition.

Policy support

The fact that the news about vaccines is interesting is shown by the good statistics provided by American citizens to Biden. Two-thirds of Americans are satisfied with his corona policy, and more than half support his economic strategy. But public opinion has always been a weak foundation for policy-making, so the president must decide whether to take the gamble and push his reform plans through the Senate, or take a more tactical approach to cutting his plans. about that Seek compromise with Republicans.

The wave of racism

David has always appeared around California, where hope has always existed, a large Chinese neighborhood in New York, where he learned how big a big racism can be. A resurgence of Donald Trump’s anti-Chinese rhetoric and his hammering of the ‘China virus’ Racism against Asians.

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David and Bernard are watching the growing controversy over a new electoral law in Georgia. Democrats say the law, which was drafted and approved at the time it was registered by the Republican House of Representatives and the Republican governor, discriminates against black voters. There will be fewer polling stations, for example, providing a bottle of water to voters standing in line would become a criminal offense. As a result, state-owned industrial agents Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines promotion, And the Baseball Association moves one of its annual highlights, the All-Star Game, from Atlanta to another location. This angered Donald Trump and Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

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