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Psychologists warn people about a less enjoyable life. In the coming days, the chance of a fall depression is about 58 percent.

In the coming days the weather will change and we will be in a period of wet and dreary autumn weather. For many people, this means the beginning of a new depression. Psychologist Janet Comst fears that there is now every reason that could lead to a significant decline in the fall season. “The days are getting shorter and soon it will still be dark when the alarm goes off. As a result, you start the thousandth bad day of your already desperate life with a depressing feeling. Then you have to trek through the bitter cold to your very boring workplace, where you are surrounded by other depressed people all day long.”

According to Comest, the environment also plays a role. “When you come home after a day of stupid work, you find a partner on the couch who hasn’t done anything all day. Then you still have to do all kinds of hard work in the evening. Once that’s done, there won’t be time to drink a bottle of wine so you can “At least sleep in an icy cold bed. And the next day all the misery starts again.”

“Fortunately, there is something you can do to combat fall depression,” the psychologist continues. “But I don’t feel like explaining all that now. Leave me alone.”