3 reasons why it would be great if Apple acquired F1

3 reasons why it would be great if Apple acquired F1

Apple is planning to buy the broadcast rights to F1 – which makes us very happy. this is the reason.

Apple F1

It’s pretty great news: Apple wants to buy the broadcast rights to Formula 1 for at least $2 billion a year. The game will then be streamed via Apple TV+. This is written F1 business In its latest edition. This would make Apple the only party allowed to stream F1 – so say goodbye to Viaplay.

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This rumor may be a bit suspicious in itself, but Apple has been involved in Formula 1 for some time. For example, this year’s Miami Grand Prix has been announced by Tim Cook, and there will be a Formula 1 drama on Apple TV+ starring Brad Pitt. Furthermore, Apple has been busy acquiring streaming rights for some time, for example from Major League Baseball (MLB) and Major League Soccer (MLS). So grabbing the broadcast rights for F1 fits into the list. This is very good news: here are three reasons.

1. Better quality

All movies and series available on Apple TV+ can be watched in 4K HDR. Not only is the image extremely sharp, but the dynamic range is also perfect, for example on the OLED screen of your iPhone or on a modern TV (with Apple TV 4K connected).

Apple TV 4K 2022

If Apple acquires the F1, image quality will also receive a big boost. Now races can usually be watched at a maximum resolution of 1080p, without HDR. But racing in 4K HDR is unimaginable in the future, complete with spatial audio via Dolby Atmos.

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2. More content

What we can already see with Major League Soccer is that Apple is not limiting sports to just live streaming. Series about specific players, sports history, or news broadcasts are also part of Apple TV+. There’s a good chance this will also happen if Apple starts streaming Formula 1. That way, you’ll also have something to watch outside of the races, with the high production value Apple expects.

3. F1 in virtual reality

With the arrival of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple has big plans for sports streaming in VR. For example, the company wants to install special cameras in stands in MLB and MLS leagues to make you feel like you’re on the field. This is also a possibility in Formula 1.

Apple Vision Pro gestures

In addition, the camera systems in Formula 1 cars can be upgraded, so with Apple Vision Pro you can imagine yourself in the cockpit of the cars. It doesn’t get any more immersive!

F1 on Apple TV+

There’s a good chance that if Apple does acquire the streaming rights to F1, it won’t be part of the standard Apple TV+ subscription. You also pay extra for other Apple-streamed sports. The additional cost will likely be around €79 per year. So, you can only buy the F1 – without the rest of Apple TV+ – for around €99 per year. This is a little more expensive than F1 TV, but much cheaper than Viaplay.

F1 in the United States

Apple’s interest in Formula 1 did not come out of nowhere. On the other side of the Atlantic there is a major shift in interest in motorsport. Because although people mainly look at Nascar and IndyCar, Formula 1 is now quite popular there as well.

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F1 times

This is mainly due to Netflix, which has sparked the interest of many Americans in Formula 1 with its “documentary” Drive To Survive. As a result, new races have now been added – the Miami GP and Las Vegas – and with Apple taking over the streaming rights, America’s role is even bigger.

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