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Bodybuilder Kimberley Mulder from Winschoten aims to have a professional career. I go to bed with her and wake up with her.

Kimberly wants to break into the pro circuit next year. Ultimate Jim

Kimberly Mulder (33) has a clear goal in mind. The bodybuilder from Winschoten wants a professional card next year. Last week I took the first step towards a professional career in this power sport. At Hoofddorp, Kimberley finished fourth in the pro qualifier class.

Mulder, who in everyday life works as a fitness and personal trainer at Ultimate Gym in her hometown, started bodybuilding at the beginning of 2019. “I’ve grown that way. At a certain point I wanted more of a challenge for myself and found that in bodybuilding.”

Now, almost three years later, this branch of the sport has dominated her life. “I go to bed with her and wake up with her,” she says. Usually, Winschotense, whose height is 1.57 meters, trains twice a day. Light cardio exercises to reduce body fat percentage and improve physical fitness and heavy weight exercises. In the lead up to competitions, it can be found in the gym three times a day.

I take into account what I eat

“Of course I also take into account what I eat. Practically speaking, that means a lot of chicken with rice, and a lot of protein.” Animal fats out of the question, let alone a bowl of chips, chips or chocolate. “Fortunately, my family supports me in this. This is taken into account at birthdays and parties, for example. They know that I pay a lot of attention to my diet and that I do not eat unhealthy products.”

“Now I must add that I treat myself regularly – as I call it – a cheat meal. Otherwise you can’t keep going. Rest is important too. Now I don’t exercise to walk much, and that makes a difference. On top of that, I have a healthy dose of discipline.”

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Kimberly has the drive to succeed in the sport, as evidenced by the fact that she trains alone. “Annoying? Well, no. I don’t need anyone around to motivate me. I do my work and I love it. Sports makes me happy.”

Anyone who begins bodybuilding begins in the beginner class. Then the step can be taken to the Novich class and then to the “regional” class. Good results in competitions – a place in the top three or five – will be transferred to the professional qualification category.

The jury cares about the whole picture

Kimberly explains that the jury cares about the public image in the competitions. “Muscle definition, or body symmetry and posture is important. Attention is paid to your presentation and appearance. There is also the so-called comparison tour – I-walk – with obligatory postures.”

If Kimberly achieves her goal: to participate in the professional circuit, she will also have to travel abroad to participate in competitions. “Bodybuilding is not very popular here in the north, it is different in the west of the country. There are many competitions at the level that I am aiming for in countries like Spain, Romania, Italy, Portugal, and in America.”

need a lot of money

To be able to participate in such international competitions, a lot of money is obviously needed. Just think about transportation and accommodation costs. “That’s right, sponsors can report,” she laughs.

Anyone who wants to financially support Kimberly to achieve her ultimate dream can reach her via [email protected] .

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