3/8/1971, Ali-Frasier Fight of the Century: “Black America vs. White America” ​​|  Boxing

3/8/1971, Ali-Frasier Fight of the Century: “Black America vs. White America” ​​| Boxing

On March 8, 1971, 50 years ago, the failed American heavyweight Joe Frasier and Mohammed Ali first met in the ring. Boxing icon Ali on behalf of Madison Square Garden in New York was seen around the world as Frasier handled his first defeat. But the camp was bigger than the ring. The fight was called the “Fight of the Century” and explains why boxing expert Alain von Trice.

“Ali’s defeat was exceptional, but what’s special is that Ali returned from exile,” Van Dries opened his speech. “He refused to list during the Vietnam War.” I have no quarrel with the Viet Cong, “said Ali, referring to a popular quote. He had previously seen White America as his greatest adversary. He was a member of the Nation of Islam and was at the most militant period of his life. “

In 1967, 25-year-old Ali refused to list and was later suspended. Von Trice: “He’s really at the peak of his playing ability. He made several attempts to keep the box still abroad, but they all failed.”

In the late 1970s, Ali was allowed to box again in Atlanta, Georgia. “After 2 victories against famous enemies, the way was open to the camp against Frasher, who was actually a white American man. That was wrong. But that’s true throughout Ali’s life: when 2 black boxers competed against each other, always a fighter more than Ali.”

“Other boxers are equally vulnerable to racism, but less violent and verbally stronger than Ali. Joe Frasier was one of those people.”

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Frasier suffered equally from racism, but he was less rebellious, for which Ali blamed him.

Alain van Trice

Frasier was the 1964 Olympic champion and took advantage of the suspension of world champion Ali. And the two met at Madison Square Garden, one of the most legendary boxing venues. For boxing, of course, it was Mecca at the time. “

Von Triesche draws a map that completely mobilizes and polarizes the United States: “Then it had to happen. Ali did not play verbally properly with Frasier during production. Probably not from bad intentions. He was verbally strong, it felt. Notable. , More obedient to a black person or helpful to a white person, ed.) “

“Frasier suffered equally from racism, but he was less rebellious, and Ali blamed him for it. Now at a demonstration of Black Lives Matter, Ali would have led, but I did not say that Frasier and other boxers would do this.”

“Ali is unique, his buzz against white America, the difference between white and black, even became poetic somewhere with him. Everyone listened intently,” What does he think? “He’s right.”

At a demonstration of Black Lives Matter, I would have said that Ali would have led by now, but Frasier would not have marched.

Alain van Trice

“Ali Black Wants To Be A Man Of America, Frasier Reluctantly A White American Man”

Van Trice says Ali was one of the most hated people in America at the time. But it all started back in the late 1960s. “The American people became more and more aware of what was going on in Vietnam, including war crimes. The students were more exposed. There were deaths, there was chaos, the community was in turmoil.”

Then those 2 heroes met. “Country 2 boxers did not face each other, but 2 movements, Black America and White America. Ali liked, Fraser I think reluctantly. It was the hardest of his life.”

On March 8, 1971, all the United States, but the whole world wanted to see this fight: “The audience’s share is one of the highest in history. It’s about the same size as it landed on the moon.

“The whole world wanted to see it. Ali had cheered the world on before his suspension. Everyone wanted tickets. The best singer, Frank Sinatra, didn’t even get a ticket. He was recognized as a photographer to go inside anyway.”

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Ali grounded after a firm left hook. No one understands that he immediately backs up.

“The most amazing thing is that Ali gets up and runs after that famous knockdown.”

Let’s get down to the fight: “It’s one of the most eventful heavyweight battles of all time. It was incredibly tough,” Van Trஷche looked back at the fight.

On that first night in New York, Ali was active in the opening lap, but Frasier was throbbing and coming non-stop. Ali could not stop him. Frasier was in excellent condition, Ali was a little too bright, but not bright enough to keep Frasier away. “

“Then there’s that famous knockdown in the last round that really shook the cards immediately and clearly.”

“However, the climax is, Ali stood up. Everyone is very surprised. How can you straighten yourself to your cheek from a left hook like this? He got up very quickly and lost the match. He’s not. It’s too bad to admit. Ali was an athlete. “

Frasier against Ali turned into a triptych, the final part of which was “Thrill in Manila”. Ali won in the 2nd and 3rd camps. “In that 3rd camp they killed each other. They broke up with each other as an athlete.”

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