Drone company DJI has been hit hard in the United States

Drone company DJI has been hit hard in the United States

There are some struggles on drone land. For anyone who knows a little bit about drones, the Chinese drone company DJI In recent years they have set up a very successful company, especially in the United States where they have exploded competition. There seems to be a problem now …

Reuters Writes The US arm of the company has been hit hard by internal problems.

Many managers leave DJI

The loss of key managers has exacerbated the problems. Many of those managers switched to competition. In addition, there are restrictions on Chinese companies from the US government. Sources told the news agency that all this would negatively affect the company’s dominance.

As a symbol of Chinese innovation since its inception in 2006, DJI has been one of dozens of companies at the crossroads of trade and diplomatic animosities between Washington and Beijing.

Founder DJI Comments

DJI, led and led by billionaire Frank Wang, said it had made the tough decision to cut staff at Palo Alto to reflect the company’s “growing needs”.

“We are grateful for the contributions of the affected employees and are committed to our customers and partners,” he said, adding that sales in North America grew strongly.

Competitors say the company’s brand ethos, technical knowledge, productivity and sales force are unlikely to be thrown out of the U.S. Billions of dollars are involved in the U.S. and global markets for non-military drones.

The important man goes to the competitor

Yet there are signs that things are going in the wrong direction. Romeo Tursher is a significant loss. He was the head of public security for the DJI. He was instrumental in building the company’s business by providing drone technology to non-military U.S. government departments and agencies.

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Tursher, a former NASA project manager and influential in the drone industry, now works at DJI’s rival Swiss company Autorion.

What to do if your drone flies?

Imagine: if you bought a new valuable drone, it flies instantly on the first flight! No matter how experienced you are in drone flying. The unexpected can happen at any time. Signal disturbance, strong winds or obstructed vision. There are many factors that make the drone fly out of sight. The manufacturer of the drones now comes with insurance. DJI now offers Flyway-decking For its Mini 2 and Mavic Air 2 drones.

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