#226 Donald's Dollars |  PNR News Radio

#226 Donald's Dollars | PNR News Radio

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Money is Trump's favorite topic of conversation. Especially when it comes to his own money. So when Trump talks about a $175 million bond using his own dollars as collateral, he can't help but be a little proud. That's not the only financial news about Trump this week: He went public and made billions from it. Well, on paper that means he can't pay his lawyer bills. In terms of campaign income, Trump seems to be losing out to Biden. How did that happen?

Also, attention is being paid to two of Trump's supporters, a relative of a Putin associate and a car insurance dealer who previously helped Trump. Bernard further reveals whether he ever took a cup or spoon from Air Force One, and John's car breaks down. This allowed him to have a nice chat with ex-firefighter/armor maker/Republican Randy in the tow truck.

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