1st free practice of US GP 2022

1st free practice of US GP 2022

Welcome to Texas! Last week Max Verstappen showed once again that he is a worthy champion for 2022. Japanese GP. He should start again this weekend with the 1st free practice. Even though there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was thirty degrees, conditions weren’t great at COTA.

Problems arise from the location of the circuits. COTA is located in a wetland. As a result, parts of the track sink, causing significant bumps. Also, strong winds are blowing in the surrounding area. All the aero flaps on an F1 car indicate how important air flow is to ultramodern cars.

Four new faces, one old friend

Four young talents will be allowed to take part in the first free practice: Robert Schwartzman in Ferrari, Alex Paolo in McLaren, Logan Sargent in Williams and Theo Purser in Alfa Romeo. In addition to mandatory testing with young drivers and the experience these skills gain, this has the added benefit of More on that later.

Antonio Giovinazzi was also part of that party. He takes over Magnussen’s seat in Haas. Team USA will be upset. We’re ten minutes in when Giovinazzi puts his Alfa Romeo on the wall. After a brief delay, the Italian pulls his borrowed car out of the wall and drives into the pit. However, this spelled the end of his session as his clutch broke.

Do lots of rounds

Don’t forget that this is our first time riding here since the 2019 US GP. So teams need a lot of data to get a good set-up in the wardrobe for Saturday and Sunday. That is why drivers can be seen on the asphalt during the entire training session.

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At the end of practice, Verstappen is inside, his car protected by a mechanical human shield. So there’s something buzzing about that we’re not allowed to see. In the end, the Dutchman still comes out and drives a second time. Carlos Sainz fastest in 1st free practice of 2022 US GP.

VT2 is about 2023

Teams will test the tires for next season during the next practice session. As the cheeks are discolored, new rubber is quickly recognizable. This test is mandatory number for F1 teams. As the tires have a different composition, we cannot use the data from these tires as a reference point this weekend.

As we haven’t raced here since 2019, it’s important for the F1 teams to gather information. That is why the FIA ​​provided a way out. If teams allowed a driver who was not normally in the car to run during VT1, they were given half an hour’s test time on the 2022 tyres. Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, McLaren and Williams used it.

1st free practice of US GP 2022

  1. Carlos Sainz
  2. Max Verstappen
  3. Lewis Hamilton
  4. Lance walks
  5. Sergio Perez I

What time does F1 start at COTA?

2nd Free Training: 00:00 am – 01:30 am

3rd Free Training: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Eligibility: 00:00 am – 01:00 am

Race: 9:00 p.m

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