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Top 5 RB Signings

The position of running back is slowly become a lost position in the NFL considering how often quarterbacks drop back to throw the football. However, the position is still important for certain teams in the league for balance.

?Several teams made moves this offseason to solidify their running attacks. Here are the five best signings this offseason:


5. Shonn Greene to the Tennessee Titans

?Finally Shonn Greene doesn’t have to play with Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow. What a relief.

?Just think about difficult it was to run the ball with consistency in a West Coast offense with a terrible starting quarterback.

?This will be a nice change for Greene because now he won’t have to be the go-to guy. He’s not that type of running back. Chris Johnson will carry the load and Greene will get the bulk of the carries in short yardage situations.

?Not ideal for Greene because he would prefer being a No. 1 but this is what his role should look like.


?4. Rashard Mendenhall to the Arizona Cardinals

?Rashard Mendenhall has unbelievable speed, talent and elusiveness. He also has somewhat questionable character and injury issues.

?Yet, Arizona decided to make the move on Mendenhall and it was a smart one.

?Mendenhall is a two-time 1,000 yard rusher (2009 and 2010). In 2010, Mendenhall recorded 1,273 yards and 13 touchdowns.

?Considering his big-play ability and production, Mendenhall was worth the price for Arizona on a one-year basis.


?3. Danny Woodhead to San Diego Chargers

?San Diego’s offense hasn’t been the same since losing Darren Sproles. He was the game-changer with his speed and elusiveness. When he went to New Orleans, he made an instant impact and made people realize that he could go anywhere and play quality football.

?The Chargers are still looking for that type of guy and maybe they just found him.

?Danny Woodhead is elusive, gritty and will do what it takes to get the job done. He’s Darren Sproles just not as talented.

Great pickup for the Chargers.


?2. Steven Jackson to the Atlanta Falcons

?All Steven Jackson wants to do is play in the postseason. The former St. Louis Rams’ great is moving on from his original NFL home and fans from around the country should be happy.

?Not only does one of the best running backs in our era get to play for the postseason but he has a chance to win a Super Bowl.

?A loaded Falcons team looks like perennial Super Bowl contenders and Jackson will play a major role in what happens in the end result.


?1. Reggie Bush to the Detroit Lions

?Detroit didn’t have a running attack and a secondary in the past two seasons. Now they at least have a running attack.

?Reggie Bush proved he could run between the tackles last year in Miami. He rushed for 986 yards on 227 attempts last season. His dual-threat ability out of the backfield will be the perfect fit for Matthew Stafford and the Lions.

?Bush has always been one of the best pass catching running backs in the league but his ability to do both on the field will be needed for Detroit to make another playoff appearance.

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